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£12.50 - £22.00
  • Easy to do, powerful mentalist's trick
  • Ready to work right away
  • Unique principle

Note from Martin:

This is a great self working magic trick. When you receive the trick, simply follow the instructions and the tricks works itself on you. This trick was a complete sell out when first shown at the Blackpool Magic Convention, in stock now and ready for orders. A mentalist's dream, a self working card/coin trick that has a huge impact, selling on sight when demonstrated in our London shop.
Five different coins are handed to a spectator along with a pack of cards. The magician places a prediction face down and requests that the spectator places the coins in a random order on the table. This done, the spectator now deals a pile of cards in front of each coin according to its value (a 10p coin has 10 cards, 5p coin 5 cards etc). The spectator turns up the top card of each pile, the magician now hands the prediction which matches the order of the turned up cards exactly.
What's more, we offer two versions of this great effect. The standard version is described above, the second version doesn't use the prediction card, but simply reveals a Royal Flush at the finish. 
Both versions work great, the more popular being the standard one, or you can buy both together at a special price.
Very easy to perform, you'll work this right away.
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Tags Easy Magic, Suitable for Zoom
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